My Digital Portfolio
  1. Project Description: My project is a box made out of acrylic that lights up different colors. 
  2. Materials: acrylic, sand paper, arduino, three RGB lights, three resistors, wires, printed circuit board. 
  3. Tools: drill, hot glue gun, soldering iron
  4. What was the most challenging part of the project?- I think soldering was the hardest part of my project because you had to be exact or else nothing will work. 
  5. What was the most fun?- I think that the most fun part of my project was breaking the acrylic to cut it. 
  6. What did you learn by going through this process?- I learned about programming an arduino, and how to solder. 
  7. Links: My project was inspired by this:
Above and below are pictures of me soldering in PIRL. 
This is me putting the wires into the arduino. 
This is me and Mr. Umekubo trying to figure out why it did not work.