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I woke up early in the morning with the chilled air surrounding me like a blanket. I looked out the window from my perch on the tall bed, and it was dark and silent. I had had trouble sleeping that night because something was tingling inside of me, maybe a some sort of good feeling, like a hope, or even a sparkle. To this day I don't know what change happened in the early hour of the morning.

All at once, I saw the golden burst of light shine brilliantly through the window of my room. The entire sky turned brilliant shades of blue, pink, red, and and purple, all the stars ran away into a far off land, as they do every night. Then, at that moment, I realized that that day was the twenty-fifth of December, Christmas. It was Christmas morning. My whole face brightened with the sun as it hit me. I looked over hoping to see my mom, but no, she was gone. I ran down the stairs to see the faces of my entire family, waiting for me. The greatest present I got that year, and every year, is not the temporary smile of getting, but the lifelong joy of giving.


Arthur is my eighteen-year-old brother who is sweeter than candy. Our relationship used to be a little rocky, and I did not appreciate how nice he really was. I think I saw him as the devil, or maybe just someone plotting against me. However, as the years went by and we both got older, I realized that he has taught me so much. He would sit down with me years ago and teach me eighth grade math, and he would make me understand it somehow. That was the days when I still thought that x was an actual number. He was really patient with me and is always, even still, a little too over protective. He is a major role model for me in the culinary world because, in my mind, he is even better than the greatest chefs in the world. Sometimes I think that he must know me better than I know myself. One thing I love about Arthur is that he always says things with confidence, even if he does not know the answer. He even throws out random, not always true, facts that support his argument. Arthur has a magical power of persuasion; he uses what he knows his opponent wants in his process of persuasion. But still, something about when I see him makes my heart reach and touch the sky, and I smile. Is it his crazy style of short shorts, crazy socks and sweaters? I do not know for sure, but it may just be Arthur, a sweet, caring, smart brother, who loves me very much.


Every summer for as long as I could remember, we have been going to a small resort in Hawaii called Kona Village. Even now, I can close my eyes and walk around, smell the dry dirt and warm sun of summer. The rocky sand enveloped my bare feet leading to the volcanic rock with many tide pools leading to the glassy ocean. The hollay we stayed at was named SM2. On March 11, 2011, a magnitude 9.0 earthquake hit Japan and in response a large tsunami. That carried over to Hawaii, though not nearly as strong. Because Kona Village was so rustic and old fashioned, it got crushed. It will never reopen now,I can never go back to that place of perfect serenity and peace. Maybe I can never go back to my third home, but that is nothing compared to all the people that died that day. Over 18,000 people lost their life. I would loose Kona Village to save their lives any day, but sadly, both had to happen.

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