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Something I am proud of. 

Flora Troy

 I am very proud of my artwork. I use art as a form of controlled expression, and whenever I do it, I feel like something has been lifted off of me. Another thing that I love about the fine arts is that there is no end to your creativity, and I can always learn more or improve my technique. For example, my whole art career, I have neglected the portrait realm of my potential prowess. However, after many hours of frustration, I have made amazing progress. This proves that whenever I put my mind to something that may not necessarily one of my strengths, and really try to improve, I can do anything. Whenever I pick up a pencil, paints, or a brush, a rush of inspiration and peace flows through me like a wave. Without my art, I would be most likely be stressed and I simply would not be who I am today.

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    January 2014